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    Abby & More: A Few Tips On Staging Your Home

    Staging is a very important step in your home selling process.

    Staging ensures the photos you use online to market your home present the qualities your home possesses in the best possible way.

    Moreover, when staged, as potential buyers explore your home they are more inclined to see space and modernization rather than feel enclosed and dated.

    Deep-cleaning is a great place to start when staging your home. You should clean indoors and outdoors.

    Cleaning outdoors may include cleaning gutters, power washing the side walks, driveways and siding to your house, removing weeds from flower beds, mowing your lawn, adding flowers and cleaning windows.

    When cleaning indoors, using the minimalistic approach is the best way to go. Which means, while cleaning, you must begin tossing out anything that may be “cluttering” your rooms.

    If removing all together is not an option for you, grab a few storage bins to store your clutter and stack them neatly in the closets. This will maximize space. Also, while cleaning your closet, if your hangers do not already match, grab inexpensive hangers of the same color and replace them. Using the same color hangers will look more organized to your potential buyers as they examine your closet space.

    After cleaning and de-cluttering your rooms, examine the color of paint on the walls. You want to use neutral colors to ensure your home doesn’t look dated. Painting can be a hassle. But, it’s very important that your home feels modern. Plus, most of the time, potential buyers are looking for a move-in ready home. So, freshly painted walls will be inviting news.

    Flowers and plants are an easy way to bring life to your home. Correctly decorating your home is important. Adding life to your home while decorating is a smart move during your staging process.

    If you can’t afford new cabinets, a fresh coat of paint and/or new handles will give your home a more updated look.

    There are so many tips out there to help you stage your home.

    Check out our Pinterest board, Staging, for more tips, ideas and images.


    Written by: Abby Hendricks

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