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Abby & More: Give Your Home A Fresh Scent

With all the living we do on a day-to-day basis, it’s no secret our homes can become a little musty over time. There are many simple ways to freshen up your home.

Flowers are a colorful and brightening way to add a fresh smell to your home. However, flowers can be costly and don’t last as long as we would all like.

Also, candles are one of the most efficient ways to add a freshening scent to the rooms of your home. The best aspect about candles are the many different scents you have to choose from. If you are interested in a DIY project you can make your own candle.

Air fresheners such as wall plug-ins and aerosols are another simple, yet efficient, way to quickly freshen up the air circling through your home.

Warming up a mixture on the stove is a great way to fill the kitchen with a freshening scent. This is especially helpful after a poignant meal. There are so many mixtures and scents you can try.

These pictures and ideas were gathered from Pinterest. Check out our Pinterest board, Fresh Scents For The Home, for more information.


Written by: Abby Hendricks

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