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    Abby & More: Inauguration Facts

    A Few Facts on Inauguration Day

    In the beginning, the Inauguration Day fell on March 4th to allow for vote counting and the travels of the new President-elect.

    However, as the 20th Amendment was passed on March 2, 1932 and ratified on January 23, 1923, the constitution states, “terms of the President and Vice President shall end at noon on the 20th day of January.” Therefore, to this day, Inauguration Day takes place on or around January 20th. This change reduced the amount of time between Election Day and when the new President-Elect takes office.

    We have encountered many cold Inaugurations in the past. The coldest was for President Ronald Reagan’s second term in 1985 at 7 degrees.

    President William Henry Harrison caught pnemonia shortly after his inauguration, claiming his life, due to not dressing warmly enough for such cold weather. President Harrison, still to this day, has held the shortest time in office.

    Besides cold weather, the lengths of inaugural addresses has varied over the years. George Washington, as the first President, delivered the shortest Inaugural Address at 135 words.

    There are, of course, many firsts. Abraham Lincoln was the first to include African Americans in his inaugural parade. Woodrow Wilson was the first to include women in his inaugural parade. Harry Truman was the first inauguration to be televised. Bill Clinton was the first inauguration to broadcast live over the internet.

    The Lester Group is looking forward to the firsts to come this year with new President-elect Trump.


    Written By: Abby Hendricks

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