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    Abby & More: Interior Paint Finishes

    If you don’t know much about choosing a paint finish, keep reading.

    There are several different kinds/colors of paint finishes you can choose from.


    Flat is the most basic finishing paint. It has little shine and does not reflect light. It is likely to cover small holes and dry evenly on the wall. However, it is not very durable. Most people will use this finish for studies or guest rooms that don’t get too much use.


    Eggshell reflects light and is known to be a little more durable than flat. Most people choose an eggshell finish for living rooms and dining rooms.


    Satin is known to be more durable. Most people choose to use this in bedrooms to withstand bumps. This finish reflects light well, however, it does show paintbrush strokes. Therefore, painters should spend a little extra time and attention when applying.


    There are two types of glossy finishes: high-gloss and semi-gloss. Both glosses reflect light well and are durable. However, high-gloss is more popularly used for furniture because it is known to be overpowering.


    When choosing your interior paint finish, do some research. Some finishes are better for different rooms of the house.



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    Written by: Abby Hendricks

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