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Abby & More: May 4, 2017

Today, according to the national day calendar, we have the opportunity to observe Bird Day and National Weather Observers Day.

According to our source, Bird Day was established in 1894 by Charles Almanzo. There are many species of birds flying around in different parts of the world.

To observe this national day, share a post of your favorite bird with #BirdDay.


In addition to observing our feathered friends in the sky, today is a great day to observe the weather. Observing this national day is a great way to begin learning more about “a variety of weather phenomenon, the history of weather tracking and find about meteorological instruments.”

To observe this day, share a post of your amazing outdoor view with #WeatherObserversDay.


Observing birds and the weather can be relaxing hobbies. Are you interested in finding new hobbies? Try out these today.

Enjoy observing.



Written by: Abby Hendricks

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