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Abby & More: Pantry Organization

Pantries can be one of the messy parts of the house. Most likely, we all want our pantries to look something like this:

pantry-organization-2 pantry-organizationpantry-organization-3

However, it doesn’t always work out this way. Pushing through people at the grocery store, making circles to find everything on your list, and loading and unloading the car is a tiresome process. The last thing we want to do is finish the task by putting up the groceries, especially in an organized fashion.

Therefore, our pantries tend to look something like this:


Throwing everything in your pantry is definitely the time-saver. Unfortunately, it can make it difficult to find what you need later on when preparing for a meal.

Taking the time to organize your pantry just once will be helpful to you in the long-run. This way, when your pantry is organized just right with everything having its own spot, you will continue to place everything in the same spot. This process will make it easier to know where everything is. There will be no more rummaging through the entire pantry.

There are many different organizational tips to help you get everything in the perfect position for you.

  • Use clear/glass jars or containers to hold your cereal, noodles, flour, sugar, salt, and other cooking ingredients.
  • Use baskets to hold pans, fruits, breads, bags of chips, peanut butter, etc.
  • Gather cans that are the same and line them in groups.

Join The Lester Group in spring cleaning! Get creative. Find what works best for your lifestyle and your pantry.

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Written by: Abby Hendricks


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