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    Abby & More: Picture-Perfect Front Porch

    Do you want to make your curb appeal more pleasing? Do you want to start with a simple project? The front porch is a great place to start.

    In fact, many do not have a very big front porch. This is perfect! There are several small projects you can do.

    First, why not pick a new paint color for the front door? If you are unsure what paint color to use, revisit our last Trendy Tuesday blog post on 2017 Paint Trends.

    Second, find your address numbers to apply to the front door or the side of the house. Sometimes it can be difficult for visitors to spot the numbers. This will make your front door look trendy as well as help your visitors find your home.

    In addition, many people enjoy a wreath as decoration, especially during the holidays. One alternative would be the letter of your last name. This letter can be decorated in a solid color(s) or with your favorite pattern.

    Third, locate a door mat that suites your personality. This mat can be as simple as “Welcome” or can have your favorite inspirational quote.

    One last simple idea is to add a small plant. This plant can be green and leafy or colorful flowers. If you want to use your creative side, paint the pot you use!

    Uploaded below are a few examples of front doors and porches found on Pinterest.

    Visit our Pinterest board for more ideas!


    Written by: Abby Hendricks

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