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Abby & More: Playroom Organizational Ideas

If you have kids you are most likely aware that it’s very difficult to keep the house clean. Toys don’t always stay in the playroom, but it is beneficial for the kids to have their own area to play in.

Today, The Lester Group is here to give you a few organizational tips on how to keep your playroom a little more organized. Here are a few pictured ideas.


These pictures make everything look very organized. However, we know that’s not how it always ends up. Try organizing crayons, markers, small toys, and stuffed animals in tubs or containers or stacking board games in the closet. I mean who enjoys stepping on small items every step you take?

If you can’t find time to pick up after the kids every day, try to take time every few days to pile everything back in their desired spot.

These simple organizational tips may help your house stay just a little bit cleaner. Give them a try and see how it goes.

You can visit our Pinterest board, Kid’s Room or Creative Storage Ideas, for more ideas.


Written by: Abby Hendricks


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