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    Abby & More: Quick Living Room Updates

    We all want to redecorate our home. But, who has enough money to make all the updates you have been dreaming about?

    Today, The Lester Group is going to share a few simple ideas to update your living room a few things at a time.

    First, add a few throw pillows. Throw pillows can become expensive after a while but you can find them at a reasonable price.


    Next, pick out a small basket to hold a few blankets or extra pillows. This will make it easy to grab a blanket when needed and it is also a nice addition to the room.

    pillow-blanket-2 pillow-blanket

    One more idea to update your living room is to forget about the entertainment center. Mount your TV and add a few shelves underneath and surrounding the TV.

    This change will make your wall more appealing and will create more storage if needed.


    These pictures were found on Pinterest. Check out our Pinterest Board, Living Rooms, for more ideas.


    Written by: Abby Hendricks

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