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    Abby & More: Spending Time at the Food Bank

    The Lester Group enjoys volunteering in the community.

    Today, a few of our Lester Ladies spent time sorting food at the Brazos Valley Food Bank. This is one of our favorite volunteer opportunities.

    Our job was to sort foods, including soup/tuna, dry staples, dessert, breakfast, and snacks, into different boxes. Each box had to weigh a certain amount depending on each food group. After ensuring the box had the most food possible, we stacked them together. Eventually, the group of boxes would be taped together and moved to a different part of the warehouse. This process makes it easier when donating the food in bulk.

    We enjoy helping others as well as meeting new people in the community.kristy-food-bank

    The Lester Group is thankful for the opportunity to sort 835 meals, today.

    For more information on the Brazos Valley Food Bank, visit their website:

    Pictured- Realtor: Kristy McKay and Executive Assistant: Abby Hendricks



    Written by: Abby Hendricks







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