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    Abby & More: Wall Décor for Jewelry Organization

    Jewelry can sometimes be difficult to keep up with; especially if you have a lot of it.

    There are several organizational tips The Lester Group could share with you. These tips include jewelry boxes, drawer organizers, or even hanging organizers that can be placed in your closet.

    However, we want to keep your walls looking trendy. For a quick and simple update to your jewelry organization, here are a few pictured ideas.

    jewelry-wall-decor-2 jewelry-wall-decor-3jewelry-wall-decor

    Several of these pieces have been spotted at Hobby Lobby. If you check Hobby Lobby’s website for weekly coupons you can find these items on discount. Also, this could be a DIY project if you are interested in getting crafty.

    These jewelry organizers allow you to easily sort through your jewelry. It looks nice as well.

    Visit our Pinterest board, Wall Décor, to find more ideas for other rooms.

    Written by: Abby Hendricks

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