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    All About Abby

    Although I was always destined to be a Texas girl, I was born in Hattiesburg, MS. Just nine short months after I was born, my parents made the exciting move to Texas. Sherman, TX, a small town near the blossoming suburban cities of the Dallas area, became home. Twenty-one months later, my little brother, Haydyn was born. We took on Texas with open arms by making many great friends and memories. As a little girl I loved going to school and being active. At five-years-old I began playing soccer recreationally. Little did I know, as I grew older, soccer would fulfill my weekends as I began playing syoung-abbyoccer more competitively. Traveling around the Dallas area for practices during the week and games on the weekends, I was completely consumed with soccer.hs-graduation

    However, I eventually took on more than just soccer. As I entered middle school I made the decision to be baptized and confirmed as a member in the Sherman First United Methodist Church (FUMC). From there, I joined the youth program and became very active in the church by helping serve church-wide lunches on Sundays, meeting with the youth group Wednesday afternoons, helping in the nursery, and being a leader in Vacation Bible School and other summer camps. In addition to soccer and church, I began to take private tennis and swim lessons and joined the volleyball, track, and basketball teams. I enjoyed having fun, working hard, and competing with others.

    Following my seventh grade year, in middle school, my dad, a college professor, took a new job at Stephen F. Austin State University (SFA). As a student who had found her niche, was very involved, and had many great friends, I was not excited for the move. I learned I would soon begin my eighth grade year in east Texas. SFA was located in the oldest town in Texas known as Nacogdoches, TX. This small town was nothing like what I left behind a few short months earlier. With limited stores and restaurants, Nacogdoches takes pride in being the oldest town in Texas.

    heritageAlthough I felt uprooted, I made new friends, continued playing sports, and became involved in the FUMC in Nacogdoches. Additionally, towards the end of high school, I became a “princess” wearing a ball gown dress in the local Heritage Festival. Through this process I learned how to properly write thank you cards, how to waltz, how to converse with many different people, correct table etiquette, experienced an interview process, and of course, the Texas bow. Before long it was my senior year in high school and it was time to graduate. As I walked the stage and excitedly took my diploma in hand, I was looking forward to the new and appealing adventures I had ahead of

    Today, I am a loud and proud member of the fighting Texas Aggie class of 2019 here in College Station, TX. I am an Agricultural Communications and Journalism student with an emphasis in Agricultural Leadership and Development. I began at TAMU with nearly 30 college credit hours from SFA. I set a personal goal of graduating a year early. I am proud to say I am on track to graduate in May 2018, achieving my goal. I have dreams of continuing my education by earning a M. A. in Advertising after my graduation from Texas A&M University. I am involved in Greek Life through Zeta Tau Alpha along with other student organizations on campus. I began working with The Lester Group last fall. I feel blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful, welcoming, and friendly people. Here, I look forward to keeping up with social media, small advertisements, and our blog.


    Written by: Abby Hendricks

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