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    BCS Sitters

    Hey Aggieland!  Our locally owned business spotlight this week is BCS Sitters.  It’s owned by Lindsay Strain and she has transformed this company into something pretty amazing!  In the past, I had a horrible time finding a babysitter for our Princess (6) and dinosaur (4).  To the point of anxiety and missing out on some work and social events.  Insert BCS Sitters, and my life was changed.  I mean, last minute date night and I can have a sitter in 5 minutes?  I’m serious…. It has never taken longer than an hour at most to have a sitter.  I’m not gonna lie, I was hesitant at first because I had no idea what to expect.  But, I knew Lindsay from my kiddos daycare, and I completely trusted her judgement on the sitters she selected.  I have not had any bad experiences and the kids actually enjoy having sitters now.  Keep reading for more in depth information about her company.  Oh… and it’s not just for babysitters… It’s for your Fur-babies too!  And errands…
    If you’re still on the fence, call Lindsay and set up a meeting to discuss your hesitations.  She’s great, the company is great, and the sitters are great – and I can have peace of mind about finding a sitter for work, date night, or a target run with a latte and basket full of things I probably don’t need.
    BCS Sitters is a local business that connects families to trusted, amazing sitters. Founded in 2012 by a local mommy needing care for her own kiddos, the business has steadily grown and evolved. Lindsay Strain, the current owner, took over in July 2016 after falling in love with the concept and seeing the potential for growth. In December 2017 re-branded and launched an entirely new website. With this change, the ease and simplicity of being a member of the site increased tenfold. 
    So how does it work? Interested families fill out a registration form and are then contacted within 24 business hours by the owner herself. The purpose of the call is to find out exactly what each family is looking for and answer any questions they may have about BCS Sitters. All families are run through the sex offender registry and then approved for the site. From there, families finish filling out their profile, choose a membership option, and then can begin posting jobs immediately. Have an immediate, emergency need? Not a problem! Just put a note at the bottom of your registration form or reach out to Lindsay directly. Though getting a job covered is never 100% guaranteed, job posts are closely monitored and it is very rare to not be able to help. 
    One of the most common misconceptions about BCS Sitters is that it’s just a babysitting business…but it’s so much more! Here’s just a few of the ways BCS Sitters can benefit you:
    -Babysitting-date nights, mother’s helpers, sick kiddos, after-school care, Aggie sports events sitters, even full and part time nannies
    -Pet sitting-over night care (at your home or at the home of the sitter depending on the needs of the pet!) as well as dropping in to check on the pets at designated times
    -House sitting-over night care or drop in care…taking out the trash, picking up the mail, watering plants
    -Errands-YOU NAME IT! Groceries, pharmacy pick up, work-related deliveries…if you have a need we will do our best to make it happen!
    BCS Sitters also provides child care at multiple gyms in town and is partnered with some local businesses to staff child care for special events and meetings. We’ve even provided sitters for weddings, which is always a great time! 
    The best thing about being a member is the confidence that comes with posting a job. Each sitter on the site goes through an extensive hiring process that includes a face to face interview, reference checks and background checks (criminal history, driver record and sex offender registry). All of the sitters come with relevant experience and are required to maintain a current First Aid/CPR certification. The sitters are passionate about caring for others and eager to work…the perfect combination! And unlike other babysitting websites, there is a person monitoring both the site and the sitters; someone you can call directly should an issue ever arise. Although you cannot choose the sitter who picks up your job post, parents do have some ability to personalize their experience. Members are able to “favorite” sitters that they absolutely adore and send their job posts to these sitters first. If none of their favorites are available, the job will automatically resend to the rest of the site…a one stop shop! On the flip side, parents can also block sitters that did not connect with their kiddos as well as others from seeing any future job posts. Feedback on sitters is always welcomed and encouraged!
    BCS Sitters is a business built around ease, simplicity, and total peace of mind. The goal is for all families to feel completely comfortable that the sitter who walks in their door will take the absolute best care possible of their babies, their pets and their home. It’s a business run by a fellow mommy who knows the worry that comes with leaving your children, and works hard to keep that worry as low as possible while you’re away. Interested families can fill out a registration form at or contact Lindsay directly at 979-492-0755with any questions. 

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