#Blessed written by: Melissa Novosad

    Hello Readers! I guess it’s time for ya’ll to get to know me. Well, let’s start with the basics. I was born into a Catholic, Mexican-Irish-Spanish family. I am the youngest of three kids. I had an older sister, Michelle who succumbed to breast cancer 5 years ago, and an older brother, Mikey, who lives here in College Station with his family. My parent’s Mike and Rita have been married for 45 years and also reside here in College Station.  We are a very tight-knit clan and I absolutely love the fact that we live within a few miles of each other. First and foremost, I am a proud mom. I have two beautiful, enthusiastic daughters. Randi, my oldest is 12 and is quite a funny, conscientious young lady with a huge heart.  My little creative Riley is 9 and is very lively and always focused on building and creating things. They of course are my pride and joy and give me life! I truly believe that I was born to be a mother. It is by far my proudest, most challenging accomplishment, and I wouldn’t change one minute of it! My life consisted of my girls and constantly working until one spring night, I met a Navy Veteran named Bret Redfearn. We met a couple of years ago actually at a fundraiser that we were both involved with, but it wasn’t until last year that the stars aligned for us. Since we reconnected, we have been inseparable or as some may say “co-dependant.” And so my little family of 3 has doubled to 6 (2 fur babies). And life just doesn’t get better than this! #blessed


    I was originally born in Amarillo, Texas where my fondest memories there are chasing pheasants with my older brother Mikey (Michael Downing) and getting chased by wild turkeys at my parent’s friend’s house. My Dad’s job with the USDA moved our family moved to College Station in 1985, when I was just 5 years old. I quickly learned what a little school named Texas A&M University was and noticed everyone said “Howdy.” I graduated high school early because I was a tenacious teenager who had big plans to get out of this town. However, my life plan changed shortly after graduation and I stayed in College Station. Where I went on to graduate from Sam Houston State University in 2005 with my Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and minor in History.

    At the urging of a friend, I got decided to get my Real Estate license. I was never so terrified, but I jumped anyway head first into a completely different world. I quickly learned a few things about Realtors: 1. You will initially be broke for a couple of months, 2. Realtors like to eat a lot and 3. That nothing will surprise you anymore. After working as a Community Specialist for a year, I decided that real estate was not for me. Or so I thought. I quit working for my friend at Keller Williams and started to explore other options. That’s when my old gym friend, Lance Lester convinced me to meet up with him and discuss staying in real estate. After that meeting, he talked me into giving Real Estate another chance and to join his team. And for that one meeting, I am eternally grateful. I learned that I absolutely LOVE being a Realtor. With Lance’s guidance, I quickly learned the in’s and out’s of contracts, negotiations, and the entire real estate process. And still learn daily! On the team, I have been with Lance the longest. We now have a growing team of 10 and I am in the middle of working on getting my Broker’s License. I really can’t imagine doing anything else. I love meeting new and different people all the time. I love the challenges of negotiating contracts. I love being able to find that perfect house for my clients. I truly love what I do!


    Now, who is “Melissa, the non-realtor?” I’m a girl with lots of loves! I love cold weather. I love s’mores and campfires. I love working out, kickboxing, hiking, and camping. I love spending time with my daughters, Bret and friends. I love random, spur of the moment trips. I love sushi. I love baking and decorating. I love Christmas. I love music, from Tupac to Stevie Nicks. I love lemon water, coffee and Monster energy drinks. I also love volunteering and helping others. And most of all, I love God. I truly love my life and everyone in it. I am exactly where I am supposed to be. Everyone has a choice to follow their destiny. I’m lucky to have followed it!

    Cheers! Happiness! Laughter!

    Melissa Novosad, Realtor

    The Lester Group

    Keller Williams, B/V


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