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DIY Garage Organization Tips!

Thinking about organizing your garage to get rid of all the clutter? If so, these non-difficult/expensive tips will give you the opportunity to utilize the most amount of space in your garage!

1. garage-organization

Go to your local hardware store to purchase tracks with hooks on them to utilize wall space,


2. garage-bins

Using metal shelves and labeled bins can make the world of a difference when you are trying to find certain items. Use these to help know exactly where everything is!


3. pegboard

Purchasing a pegboard is inexpensive and a great way to utilize wall space if you have a crowded garage. These boards can be extremely helpful to hang different tools to help manage your space.


4. garage-tower-rack

Adding a tool tower rack in the corner of your garage can help you store away bigger items. A majority of storage racks you may find at a local hardware store will also have wheels on them. This will help with mobility if you need to move things around quickly.


5. filing-cabinent

Convert an old filing cabinet into a convenient storage space for bigger tools such as rakes or shovels.


There are hundreds of different ways to organize your garage and maximize your storage space. Start with these different tips to begin your journey by creating a clutter free garage.


Written by: Ross Bonilla

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