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Hello There, I’m Chelsea Lester

Hello.  My name is Chelsea Lester. Wow, this is so much harder putting an “about me” blog together than I imagined!  So, here goes nothing: {deep breath}

I’m the first born and only daughter (aka Hunny Bunny) to the most amazing parents a girl could ask for.  I grew up in Lubbock, Texas after a short upbringing in Scotland. I used to have a cute little British accent, but that lasted a hot minute in West Texas. Growing up, my home was bursting with love.  There was never a doubt that my parents would do anything they could for us.  Not only were we shown love and compassion growing up, we were also shown hard work, perseverance and dedication.  These are qualities that I strive to bring to the table each and every day. I have two alarmingly handsome brothers, Trace and Braeden (aka Buddha and Whippersnapper –   ? just go with it) I love being a big sister to these guys and I’m  proud of the men they have become.  Trace made me an aunt – and I am loving this little fella almost as if he were my own!


 When I was 15, we packed up and moved to Spring, Tx. This is hands down the best thing my parents have ever done for me (even though I came kicking and screaming, lol) I have made life-long friends that I’m still very close with and wouldn’t trade it for anything!  Our visits have become fewer and farther in between, but when we get together we just pick up where we left off.  I am very fortunate that these girls keep me around and I am so happy to watch their careers and families grow! My most special friend ever, I met when we were in 1st grade.  We are still best friends to this day.  We don’t talk or get to see each other as often as we would like, but we have a special kind of bond.  28 years of friendship!  I know, WOW, right!

I believe at some point in our lives, we are faced with a breaking moment. That fight or flight response. Well,  I’m a fighter!  When I was 19, I woke up feeling a little funny and while getting out of bed, I promptly fell to the ground. I crawled to the stairs, and very jiggly walked to the kitchen.  (Imagine that friend who had one too many shots trying to act like they didn’t). Long story short, to the ER we went where I was diagnosed for the second time with Guillian Barre’ Syndrome, basically my immune system was attacking my nervous system. I couldn’t walk, was completely bed ridden.  It was like I was a prisoner in my own body.  I was hangry, bored, and I was missing out on my summer vacation (college problems, right?)  There’s something about the fear of never leaving that hospital bed, or never walking again, that made me fight even harder.  After 2 weeks of (ultra-intense) infusions, another 2 weeks doing intense therapy (still walking like that drunk friend) and I was freed to go home. When you’re 19 and your walker matches your 80 yr old neighbor (complete with tennis balls), it’s not cool – trust me.  If I’ve learned anything from my diagnosis, it’s that you have to pick yourself up when you’re knocked down, and work harder than you ever imagined to get back up. I had to basically re-learn all of life’s everyday functions. I don’t take those things for granted, especially while dancing with my kiddos, or holding a nice glass of wine 🙂

I moved to BCS right out of high school, and never looked back! I met my husband, Lance, through my roommates shortly after I turned 21.  He fell in love with me pretty quickly, but it took a little more convincing on my part. Just Kidding!! {maybe}.  We said “I DO”  6 years later in my dream wedding in Costa Rica (special shout out to my parents for making ALL my wedding dreams come true!) I am very blessed to have a husband who loves me like he does!  We had our Sadie Bug in July of 2011. She is my wardrobe, makeup and fashion police. I’m in awe of her gentle spirit and strong mind.  Occasionally you might find us with matching bright hot pink lipstick or bling-ed out shoes.  I mean, she loves pink and shoes almost as much as I do (I’m convinced it’s genetic, my Granny was the same way!). In December 2013, we added a dinosaur to our family, Trey.  And yes, he really thinks he is a dinosaur (Triceratops, in fact) and hasn’t figured out how to sound like one yet, but he’s trying very, very hard, lol! But when the sun goes down, he turns into a momma’s boy and melts my heart.  I love my little family and the life we are building.

So, I probably should tell you how I got my start into real estate.  Lance started our company 5 years ago as a single agent, and over the years has grown us into 8 agents and 2 assistants.  We’re not only a team, but more like family.  I love working with all of them!  For 10 years prior to getting into real estate, I worked in the medical field.  I have a very nurturing and patient demeanor and I loved, loved being able to take care of my patients.  One of my favorite things was performing 3D ultrasounds on our OB patients. The look of joy from the parents and their families was so rewarding! After that, I left to work for an Allergist as a lead tech to perform allergy testing/formulations/mixing.  Knowing that I was capable of helping children and adults overcome certain allergies was rewarding in itself as well.  With our company and kiddos growing, Lance asked me for probably 9 months to come and join the team.  (Insert fear of working with my husband and him being the, dare I say it, Boss).  I started thinking about how I could help people with their real estate needs rather than health needs, and I set out to start a new career.  My favorite part of the home buying process is the look on client’s faces when they have found the “one”.  I strive every day in my new career to nurture and provide the best support I can to my clients.  I’ve made some pretty awesome new friends! I’m also able to contribute, volunteer, and give back to our community more than ever before.    And even though this life feels like a roller coaster, I’m enjoying every minute of the ride!

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2 Responses to “Hello There, I’m Chelsea Lester”

  • Barbara Fowler
    Written on

    This is your Aunt Barbara talking and I think you know without me telling you how much I love you. Yes, I remember when you moved here how much you did not like it at first. Those first two months were rough for you but that changed shortly.

    Everything you said about your parents are true, true, true. They are wonderful people and such great parents and my sister’s sweet children. I was so happy when you all moved from Lubbock to this area. You and your brothers are very special people that I love very much.

    I read your article and cried through most of it==not because I was sad but just moved by all of your words. While I was reading it your Grandmother called and I had trouble talking to her for being so emotional. I do remember how much we were all so concerned when twice you had GBS. Someone having it twice is almost unheard of. And yes on a happier note I was at your beautiful wedding in Costa Rica and we all had such a great time.

    Just wanted you to know how proud I am of all of the Lester Groups success and I know that it will continue. I know how demanding real estate can be since I was in it for 16 years. I also know that it is hard to have a family of little ones and do your real estate job too but you are doing it and doing it well.

    I know that this is long but I just wanted you to know again how much you mean to me and how much you and your family mean to all the rest of the family. YOU ARE LOVED.

    Aunt Barbara

    • Chelsea Lester
      Written on

      Now you’re making me cry! I never imagined that I would have a career in real estate! I’m not sure why I didn’t listen to Lance from the very beginning. I absolutely love it! I think every aspect of growing up and life lessons has prepared me for this career. I have to thank you, Gem and Mom for being such strong role models for me and I’m so thankful Sadie has amazing women to look up to! Thank you for being there for me during “Gimme-a-Green-Beret” (lol) and everything else along the way! You mean the world to me and I love you very much! Tell Vic, Trent and Syl I said hello and to give Victor a high-five! I hope to see you all soon!

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