Holiday Decorating: Breakin’ it Down for You

    Thanksgiving is now over, you have gained 10 pounds and now what? Now it’s time to get your HOME READY FOR THE HOLIDAYS. The visual that immediately comes to my mind is Clark Griswold and his grand attempt at making his home practically visible from space. I definitely would not recommend going that extreme. So in getting your home ready for the holidays, there a few things to keep in mind; Budget, Theme and Tradition.

    This time of year, everyone is in a good mood. The stores are decorated with lots of shiny, glittery bows and ornaments, the smell of hot chocolate is in the air, and Perry Como seems to be singing “The Christmas Song” at every store! With all this jolliness, one can easily overspend. I mean, why not, it’s Christmas, right? Yes, but we have got to keep things in perspective. You don’t want to spend the holidays at an employment agency trying to find a part-time job to pay for all your holiday overspending. I recommend writing a budget just for decorating/decor. No doubt you already have some decorations, whether your mom passed down the precious family heirloom of the Santa mice that she bought from her friendly Avon representative in 1983, or it’s a Waterford Ornament that was given to your mom on her wedding day. But perhaps you might want to update your decor? Set aside a strict budget and stick to it. After all, you still have bills to pay as well as gifts to purchase this time of year.

    Next, you need to decide on a “theme.” in which you want to keep your holiday decor centered around this idea. With so many options, this can be difficult. Maybe choose a color or center your decor around a favorite holiday song. What I recommend, is decorating your Christmas tree first with the theme in mind. The tree is the center of your home and will set the tone for the rest of your house. From there, I always move on to the mantle and tie the mantle decor in with my tree. Once you have your tree done and your mantle (if you have one), then I recommend decorating the rest of the interior of your home. Be sure to carry out your theme to the outside decorations as well. For example, if the inside of your home is real whimsical, you don’t want to go real formal with your exterior lighting and decor.

    Another concept that I keep in mind when decorating my home for the holidays is “tradition.” Yes, I absolutely put out my mom’s set of Avon Santa mice. I love them! They bring back memories of our home at Christmastime in Bushland, Texas. That is an old tradition that I have maintained. Having said that, you also want to make your own traditions. I want my girls to look forward to always putting out all my Annalee’s. That is our tradition that they love and I completely love them helping me put out all my 512 Santas and elves throughout our home. So whatever it is, you want to start a tradition and keep that going for years.

    Now that your home is decorated and festive, you can now sit back and relax. Enjoy this precious time with those you love. Try to not get so wrapped up with the business of this time of year, but enjoy and take in the entire reason for the season! May you and yours have a memorable holiday season!

    Cheers! Happiness! Laughter!

    Melissa Novosad, Realtor

    The Lester Group

    Keller Williams, B/V

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