Holiday Decorating Can be Fun & Easy For All

    With the holidays quickly approaching, my daughters and I have been eager to start crafting and decorating with pumpkins, witches and mums. In the words of my boyfriend, “It’s not even October!.” I know, but I have always been obnoxiously cheerful with my decorating for every single holiday, and I’m proud to say, I’ve passed this gene on to my daughters. With that, I want to share a few cute, fun and CHEAP Halloween decorating ideas that you can do with your kids!

    1. Plastic Pumpkin Planter: We have all bought one of those plastic, halloween buckets. You know, the ones that have the smiling Jack-o-Lantern smiling on it? Well, get one and spray paint it. I personally like the Krylon Stone finish. Another favorite is the Bronze spray paint. Once the paint is dry, simply place a flower arrangement in it. And there you go! You’ve got a super cute arrangement for your dining room table.
    2. This idea, I have personally used lots of times. Find a tray, charger or even a plate. Put 3 black candles on the tray and then place candy corn on the tray, all around the candles. Easy, cheap and great for last minute decorating!  
    3. Another easy idea that I actually did this year, is buy a bag of mandarin oranges. I buy this almost every time I go to the grocery store, because my girls LOVE oranges. I always put them on display in a glass bowl. But to make them festive, get a black sharpie marker and draw jack-o-lantern faces on them. I also wrote “Boo” and other Halloween sayings on them. My daughters loved this idea!    
    4. This craft is one that my 9 year old actually found on Pinterest and completed in about 30 minutes. She found an empty box in our garage and free handed the word, “BOO.” Then she cut the letters out with scissors. She spray painted the letters silver and orange (paint we had around the house). Let them dry for a little while. Then, get some tulle or ribbon and tie the letters together with the ribbon. She hung this BOO door hanger on her bedroom door.

    I always love getting my girls involved. They look forward to every single holiday, knowing they will help me decorate the house and start crafting. Holiday decorating can be lots of fun and really easy. So get the family involved!

    Happy Decorating!

    Melissa Novosad, Realtor

    The Lester Group, KW

    Keller Williams B/V

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