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    Howdy from My Patio to Yours!

    First and foremost, I’m a Texas girl. I grew up in Spring Branch in Houston, mostly living with grandparents. I was not a girly girl growing up- total tomboy here! There was a horse pasture just down the street that was, no doubt, my second home. I was blessed during middle school and high school to have opportunities which allowed me to participate in outdoor activities such as horseback riding. My first love was a grey mare. I learned to ride, fall, land, get back up, and do it all over again.monty

    My interest in animals led to being actively involved in the Spring Branch FFA. During my time in high school I raised a variety of animals and made lasting connections with my teachers and friends in the agriculture world. I pretty much raised every animal I could. Remember, total tomboy…ha!

    My journey here in Aggieland began when I was accepted to Texas A&M University and was awarded a four-year scholarship from the Century Scholars Program back in 2000. I graduated high school in 2001 and headed this way. I am pleased to say  I didn’t use all the scholarship funds allotted for my education as I graduated a semester early. I am a proud member of the fightin’ Texas Aggie class of 2004. During my last couple of years at A&M I worked for a local property management company. I enjoyed working with tenants and property owners and entertained the idea that one day I might like to be an investment property owner.john

    A few years after college I decided I wanted to teach. You see, I have a good deal of patience and I happen to think little kids are pretty darn cool. My start in teaching was at Henderson Elementary in Bryan. Although I was only there for three wonderful years, I was able to take part in establishing the kindergarten dual language program which is still in place today. During my time there I became certified to teach early childhood-8th grade, English as a second language, and special education.lest

    Life happened… I lived and I loved, like we all do. My next adventure took me to South Korea where I was able to meet people from all over the world in a small shipyard town. I worked at an international school where I taught English and helped develop a learning support program for students with learning needs. During this time in my life, I really had a chance to experience different cultures and gained a greater appreciation for, well, just about everything in my life! While in Korea I obtained a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership through Lamar University. Fast forward a few years and I am back to my roots here in Texas. I decided to circle back to real estate and focus on this amazing community. Aggieland…there’s no place like it. There just isn’t.

    nowMy story has a few twists and turns… My goal as a young girl was to graduate from college, something that, at the time, no one in my family had achieved. Picking a school was simple with my love for agriculture; I only applied to A&M. Picking a career option happened for me in multiple steps. I believe knowing who you are and what you want to do in this life is truly a process. My experiences have shaped who and where I am today.

    I joined The Lester Group in the summer of 2015. I am proud to work with an outstanding team of professionals…they are hardworking, incredibly caring, and FUN! Being part of this great team has enabled me to be involved with my community, grow my knowledge in real estate, and really help people, which is what I like best. The joy I feel from helping people is pretty great. In my current role I get to be a part of the process of making people’s dreams of home ownership come true, I help our tenants and owners for the properties that The Lester Group manages, and I  volunteer in a variety of community events and causes. Usually the ‘Lester Ladies’ (not sure which one of us came up with that, but it sure is catchy) coordinate to volunteer as a team. Helping at the Brazos Valley Food Bank and the annual MASH Toy Drive makes me smile on the inside. Last year we were able to present iPads to Fannin Elementary (where I did my Master’s internship) thanks to partnering with Bustin’ for Autsim and several donors. So, you see, I still get to take part in helping children, but now I am also involved with helping entire families, which is EXCITING!patio

    So… let’s talk about today…

    I live in Bryan and have a dog named Shiner and a cat named Cargo. Shiner is etremely loving and Cargo thinks he’s a dog, so that makes for interesting evenings of ball-throwing in the back yard. They are both adopted and much loved. My happy place is sitting on the back patio with a fire in the chimnea and listening to music. I still really enjoy doing outdoorsy things such as fishing, hanging with cows, riding horses, and working in the yard. Yep, still a tomboy…some things never change. I LOVE music and usually have something playing in the background at home and in the office. I don’t dance well but certainly try, especially when no one’s around to watch, haha.

    friendsI enjoy having amaaaaaazing people in my life! Most of my family members and friends have kiddos so I am ‘Aunt Kristy’ to a good amount of little ones. My girlfirends are like sisters, except for a few, who are like moms to me. I am truly blessed to be able to surround myself with an outstanding team of professionals and phenomenal friends. Relationships are important to me and I look forward to so many more in the future.

    All these years later, that idea of owning investment property was put into motion and made possible with the help of my broker, team leader, and friend, Lance Lester. His knowledge of our local market and real estate best practices is like second nature to him. I learn so much everyday in the office from him and our team members… There’s never a boring day, that’s for sure! We share stories, successes, challenges, and more. We’ve been known to throw foam balls at each other and cheer with pom poms (ok, that’s mostly me).

    unnamedMy brother, James, lives in Katy and has a beautiful family. He’s a heck of a man… pure good to his core. He served in the United States Marine Corps just as our Grandpa did. He also has a Master’s degree, so I wasn’t the only one in the family with some big goals, haha. I am crazy proud of him and he does a pretty good job of looking out for his little sister (moi). Often, on Fridays, I wear RED to Remember Everyone Deployed and appreciate what the great men and women who serve our country do to keep us safe. Both Melissa Novosad and I have taken additional real estate training classes to become better connected with the needs of our service men and women (cue the pom poms).

    The kind, handsome man in my life who gets most of my free time also lives in Katy. Cole has an ag background and shares many of my interests. He doesn’t mind at all if I want to moo at cows, haha. The story of how we met involves ag teachers, family, and many years of almost crossing paths. I’ve known the Young family name forever, and now I am belssed to know the incredible people in it! Such good-hearted, kind, and caring people!

    coleSo to close, my takeaway from this journey so far is that it’s ok for me to be me… a little mud on the tires and my hair in a ponytail is how I usually roll, and it’s ok to change your mind about big things, especially if you are striving to be your best. Life is funny like that…we live, we learn, and we grow, then repeat (much like that horseback riding practiced years ago). All of our paths are so different. I’m grateful for the unique individuals in my life, who have, no doubt, been put in my path for a reason. There are many chapters in my story, and I feel like I’ve only just begun… the best is yet to come! 



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    5 Responses to “Howdy from My Patio to Yours!”

    • Cole David

      Written on

      You sound like an down to earth amazing girl. You have a wonderful life with diverse experiences. All the individuals in your life should feel lucky to have you as a friend. I will be in the market soon and couldn’t think of anyone better to helped find me find a home than you.

    • Kathy Redenbaugh

      Written on

      I’m so happy you took the time to record your experiences and thoughts. Sunlight breaking through clouds, thats Kristy Mckay.

    • Momma Brenda

      Written on

      So very very proud of you you have always had a special place in my heart love you to the moon n back

    • Theresa

      Written on

      You have led an AMAZING LIFE! So happy to call you friend, I love and miss you.


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