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    Let Your Listing Shine this Summer!

    Now that summer has begun, let your listing shine! Why you should put your house on the market now.


    Texas summers are always beautiful in Brazos County. You may spend your days cooling off by the pool, hosting cookouts on your patio, or just spending more time relaxing in the amenities of your air-conditioned home. Perhaps, you would even like to relocate to an area that is more suitable for your lifestyle? Most people who are too hesitant to put their homes on the market in the spring are probably still entertaining the idea of selling. The summer season has begun and the weather isn’t the only thing that’s hot! The housing market is heating up! Listed below are eight advantages of selling your home this summer:

    1: The frenzy of spring buying is over, resulting in fewer houses on the market. Because of this, a “for sale” in your yard would be more noticeable. It’s a fact that more people are looking to buy homes during this time of year. Potential buyers driving through your neighborhood to scout out available homes will spot your sign with ease.

    2: Have you ever heard the saying, “April showers bring May flowers?” This couldn’t be any more applicable for this year. Our area was showered in a substantial amount of rain this spring leaving beautiful green grass and healthy flowers behind. During the summer, your home has natural curb appeal. Sunny days highlight your home’s exterior and landscaping, major parts of a person’s first impression. Go the extra mile by touching up paint in some places and maintain your yard by mowing and planting a few more flowers here and there. By doing so, potential buyers will be impressed with your well kept home.

    3: Like your lawn, your home will be bright and captivating to prospective buyers. Staging your home for showings during the summer is another advantage because the colors of the exterior and interior are vibrant and inviting, rather than dim and drab like in the cooler months. Nothing will please a buyer more than stepping into a cool, cheerful home to escape the Texas heat. Having some refreshing ice tea and a small snack to offer prospective buyers is always a good idea.

    4: Swimming pools are a hot ticket item during this time of year. Even if they hadn’t considered it before, buyers may be more open to the idea of a home with a pool due to the hot weather. A pool is a fantastic feature of your home and can be easily highlighted. Spruce up your patio area with plants and outdoor furniture, making it consistent with your home’s appearance and color scheme. This will help create a nice flow from your front lawn to the inside of your home, all the way to your backyard. This will also make your patio cozier and memorable, helping your buyers envision the perfect place to relax and unwind in the summertime.

    5: Summers always seem less hectic than other seasons, leaving you with more free time than you’re used to. By listing your home in the summer, you have more time to devote to selling your home. This process entails a list of to-dos, such as meeting with potential buyers or even hosting an open house. Having more time could also allow you to do some necessary touch ups or fix that leaky faucet yourself rather than hiring someone, which saves you money and makes your home that much more desirable.

    6: With school being out, things aren’t as crazy as they are during the year. Summer is the perfect time to sell your home because it gives buyers time to not only look at homes on the market, but also research their school zones. Another plus of selling your home in the summer is not having to uproot the kids from their school during the year if your new home falls within a different school zone. Moving in the summer still allows time to settle in before school starts again in the fall.

    7: Being the home of the great Texas A&M University, there are many Aggies out there looking for the best suited home for their kids attending the university, or even a game day house for those fighting Texas Aggie football games. Either way, summer gives buyers from out of town time to travel here as they search for the perfect home.

    8: If you aren’t able to sell your house in the summer, you will already be set up to sell in the fall. A new season brings new buyers, which could possibly result in the sale of your home.


    Written by Bryce Barham



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