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Moving can suck…we get it

Let me start off by saying that I just moved houses twice within the last 2 months, and into a new office building a week after moving into my new home. So trust me when I say, I GET IT! MOVING SUCKS! So having gone through it myself, I have some simple advice for my buyers as well as anyone else who is planning on moving.

  1. Enlist HELP! Take advantage of “free help.” Bribe friends and guilt boyfriends into helping you out. Perhaps have a “packing party” and provide snacks and drinks. Depending on your crowd, this might go terribly wrong, but I’m sure you will at least make some progress. I enlisted the help of a good friend and my boyfriend. During the process, I gave my friend, while she was helping me pack, patio furniture, tons of clothes, kitchenware, etc… I had way too much stuff for a single girl and she had just moved as well and was in need of a lot of the items I was getting rid of. Believe me, she was a life saver! She also helped me get rid of a lot of items that I no longer needed by donating them non-profits to help others in need. My boyfriend was also a huge help during the move. I’m pretty independent, but I had to realize my own limits during this time. I have zero patience and I’m severly ADD (attention deficit disorder). On the other hand, my boyfriend has a ton of patience as well as tools. He forced me stay on task and helped take down the big items like beds, mounted electronics and the trampoline. I would have waited until “moving day” to do the majority of this, and then would have had to pay the movers to do all the big stuff he did (and if he’s reading this, sorry hun, not paying you). So go ahead and enlist the help of loved ones. They may or may not still love you after the move, but at least you got some help:)
  2. I’m Completely Pro-Child Labor. I have two daughters, and I had them pack their toys and clothes and they actually had a great time doing it. If you have children, make some boxes for them and let them pack their own rooms. Kids LOVE getting involved and packing their own rooms up, gives them a sense of independence and pride. Now, you as the adult will need to give them guidance, but let them do the work. My girls loved packing up their rooms. They were super happy and had a sense of accomplishment when they finished packing their stuff.MOVING IMAGE
  3. Think ahead! When you have a time frame available as to which you need to get moved out and moved into another place, there are some things you need to start taking into consideration. One of these things are boxes. You will need TONS of boxes. If you have to purchase boxes, I would recommend buying from a storage/moving unit. I didn’t use all the boxes that I bought, so they allowed me to return the unused boxes for a refund. Also, start collecting newspapers. You can use these old newspapers to protect your items during the move. You will have to take your time and actually wrap up breakables. The physical move is rough and you need to protect your items. You will also need boxing tape and black markers. Make sure you tape the bottom of the boxes or the bottom will fall out along with all of it’s contents. Take my word for it! When you box your items, mark a side as well as the top of the boxes. Since many of these boxe will be stored on top of each other, you will need an easy way of identifying what’s what. Another thing you should take into consideration when planning your move is weather. Now I know if you live in Texas like me, this is extremely difficult due to our weather having a bi-polar personality. But try to schedule your move on a sunny day. Sometimes rain can not be avoided, and that just makes for a messy move that is stressful on everyone involved.

So, was that a stressful time in my life? Absolutely! Was it worth it? OF COURSE! Just try to keep in mind the end result. Your hurting back will go away after a few days, you’ll catch up on sleep and the stress will diminish. The situation is not permanent and after all the hard work and hours, you will have your beautiful house that you have worked so hard for! Congrats buyers!


Cheers! Happiness! Laughter!

Melissa Novosad, Realtor

The Lester Group

Keller Williams B/V



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