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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning: Decluttering Your Home

How to Spring Clean the Right Way

Springing Cleaning Secrets: What do Get Rid of

Most of us hit a point in the year where we realize that our home is a bit tight. It might be because of the way that the dust becomes illuminated after the end of a dark winter or just because we have been nesting for the season. Either way, Spring Cleaning tends to be the solution to some of these leftover winter problems. Fortunately, with the right approach, you can learn where to start decluttering and make your home feel better than ever.

What is Spring Cleaning?

Spring Cleaning is a term that is used to describe that special time when the weather begins to warm, and we begin to clean more. While some of us embrace “Spring” cleaning during other times of year, this process is most common in the Spring. This is because the weather shifts and we begin to open our spaces back up. In response, a lot of people will take the time to declutter and give the home a bit of extra love.

Old Wood

For those of us who like to spend winter nights by the fire or some time making DIY creations in the shed, wood tends to pile up. In fact, this is likely one of the common materials that clutter your home. If you have a risky pile of rotting wood sitting by the side of your home, it is time to get rid of it and move on. As the days grow warmer, we can start soaking up the sunshine and leave those warming fires behind!

Damaged Tools

So many homeowners know where to start decluttering: the garage. As a homeowner, you probably own your fair share of tools. A lot of the time we collect them over the years as needed. It might be a tool that you haven’t touched in ten years or one that just needs a minor repair, but the question is: why are you keeping it? If you don’t need the tool on a regular basis and it has been missing a piece for months, do you really need it at all? This is one of the materials that clutter your home, so consider getting rid of it.

Old Paint Cans

Paint cans, like mason jars, are the exact kind of device that so many of us think that we will use as storage. The truth is, we might. We might fill paint cans up with brushes or tools, or even with paint. But, we really don’t need them. Stop storing up your old paint cans. They are taking up space and you really don’t need them.

Expired and Unused Makeup

The world of health and beauty is bigger and better than ever, but that isn’t always good. Sometimes it just means that you will know where to start decluttering. With all of the available subscriptions and samples, it is easy to fill your drawers up with makeup and beauty products that you don’t use. Check those expiration dates and get them out of there!

Deformed Paint Brushes

Paint brushes are incredibly practical to have in your home, but not always. Old paintbrushes might very well be one of the materials that clutter your home, and there is no need for them. If you have a cup of rundown brushes sitting in the garage, it is time to let them go.

Old Paint

Paint, like wallpaper supplies, is something that so many of us cling to. It might be after you did a paint job when you decided to keep the can in case you missed a spot. It might be a half-empty can from that time you did touch ups as a part of last year’s Spring cleaning. Either way, there is no point in keeping it. Paint goes bad in less than two years. It’s just cluttering up your home. Chances are, by time you need it, you’ll just be better off getting new paint instead.

Dry Glue

Glue is one of those mysterious tools that we never think of until the exact moment that we need it. Then, after a single use, it generally gets cast aside until another moment comes where we need it—often months later. By then, it is almost always dry. Old glue is definitely one of the materials that clutter your home, so make a move and get it thrown out.

Dry Spackle

Every once in a while, some of us get ambitious and decide to fix up the walls. While that can be great, it does leave us with excess a lot of the time. So, what do we do? We shove it in a drawer until it gets old and dried out. When in doubt, toss it out.

Painter or Masking Tape

Masking tape is a versatile tool, but it is far from immortal. When you’re doing your clean to get out of the mess of the winter season, this is one that is always safe to throw out. Considering how cheap it is, it is easy to replace it!

Taking the time to throw out some of those odds and ends can go a long way when it comes to ensuring that your home stays clean. Decluttering your space is a lovely way to welcome the Spring season. Remember, if you don’t use it often and it isn’t expensive, you probably don’t need it!

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