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The Best Home Security Tips for First-Time Homeowners

The Best Home Security Tips for First-Time Homeowners

How First-Time Homeowners Can Have Better Security

Make Security Easy with These Top Home Security Tips

As a first-time homebuyer, you have a lot on your plate. You are trying to find a great home for a good deal, and your mind is swimming with potential. You have every right to be excited, but there is one consideration that you want to give when seeking out your dream home: security. 

Your home security is crucial for ensuring a positive experience for years to come. In this article, we will cover some of the top home security tips to help you stay informed!

Consider Security When Buying

Before you fall head over heels for a new home, always consider the security needs. As you make your way through the home, think of the potential security risks that might be present. Focus on points of entry, neighborhood concerns, and accessibility. Knowing what might happen in your area can help you to choose a home that is safe and secure for you or your family.

Know the Neighborhood

When you move into a new space, it is always important to know the neighborhood. In order to do this effectively, you will want to consider a few different elements. First, it is always helpful to look up local crime rates. Take the time to check out what kind of crimes are occurring in the area. By doing this, you will learn what to expect and prepare for. Some areas are prone to break-ins while others are a hotspot for car theft. Know before you buy!

While crime rates are important, general neighborhood activity is important too. If you want to know what kind of neighborhood you are moving into, it can be helpful to visit at different times in the day. Do a drive-by and check out what your potential new neighborhood looks like at night. You might be surprised to find that there are loud neighbors with a lot of visitors, people prowling around the area, or even suspicious activity.

Do a Comprehensive Security Audit

Before you can get a really clear picture of your new home’s security, you need to know the details. A comprehensive security audit simply means taking the time to really consider potential security needs. You can use this as an opportunity to hire a professional to have the area assessed, or you can focus on prime points of concern that you have.

To be successful with your audit, you will want to consider all aspects of security. How many ground-floor windows are there? What kind of locks are in place? How secure is the basement or the garage? Considering these areas of focus will help you to make an action plan in order to ensure that your home stays secure after you move in. It makes it easy to feel more confident in the overall security of the space.

Check Out Emergency Services

Local emergency services can tell you a lot about the potential security needs of an area. You will want to ensure that all of the core services are nearby in order to guarantee that everything will be okay in the event of an emergency. Common emergency services checks involve locating and identifying the closest emergency services that are available.

Ask Yourself:

  • Where is the closest emergency room?
  • How close is the police station?
  • How far away is the fire station?

Beyond simply identifying the services, find out how effective they are. Even public groups like this have reputations online. Check out to see what your potential neighbors have to say about these groups. Do police arrive quickly when called? Is the ambulance ride to the hospital a potential risk? Take the time to research how the area responds to criminal activity or injury.

Replace the Locks

Top home security tips can vary, but this is one tip that you will find on every single list. As a new homeowner, it is your job to replace the locks as soon as you move in—and yet, this is a mistake that people still make. Consider replacing the locks a day-one item to ensure that your home is safe and secure.

When you purchase a home, it is presumed that the original owner will hand over all of the keys to the space. Unfortunately, there is no real guarantee here. If you keep the same old locks, anyone can have access to your home—and that puts you at a significant risk. Without replacing the locks, you run the risk that the old owners or even someone that knew them could simply walk in. To ensure that only you have access to your home, replace those locks and keep track of your keys!

Install a Home Security System

Since security is important, one of the best things that you can do is get your own security system. A security system can give you peace of mind when you lie down for bed at night, and it can offer you quite a bit of protection. Criminals do not want to deal with the alarms or the potential arrival of police, which is why security systems offer great protection. Now, modern systems can help with everything from allowing kids to get inside the home after school all the way to ensuring that your packages don’t get stolen by neighbors. The possibilities are endless!

Your security is incredibly important, which is why it is a matter that you should take into your own hands. Do not be the person who finds that everything that they love has been stolen while they were out simply because you were unaware of what you were walking into. 

Security is a big factor to consider when you purchase a new home. Before you make the decision to buy a space, make sure that it has what you need to keep yourself and your family safe, regardless of what that looks like. Don’t hesitate to visit the local police department or ask around with the neighbors. It is always worth it.

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