Welcome to 2015! Where has your typical Thanksgiving gone?

    565f4752902a537845f229555229714eGrowing up in your “typical” family, Thanksgiving meant my mom breaking out that hideous, ivory lace tablecloth, matching linens with polished gold napkin rings around them and don’t forget that gold tableware. It meant my mom waking up at 5:00 am and getting the turkey in the oven. It meant cooler weather, no school and Christmas was close by! It meant getting dressed up in our “fancy” clothes and playing with my siblings while my mom cooked in the kitchen all day. It meant my Dad camping out on the couch and watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade until the football games started, specifically, Texas A&M vs. The University of Texas. All to end with my family together at the dinner table, saying a prayer and then my Dad would carve the turkey. Rock on 1985, you brought me such joy!

    Jump forward thirty years. What is my “typical” Thanksgiving? Lol, Ummm, it changes yearly now. For years, I would say that I carried on the “traditional Thanksgiving” with my family. But life happens and that requires change and adaptation. I am a single mother of two girls. So I share my girls during the holidays with my ex-husband. My sister passed away a few years ago, so now we no longer have her and her family coming in from Dallas to spend the day with us and my brother has to split his time between us and his wife’s family. Welcome to 2015! Where has your typical Thanksgiving gone?

    Yes, my Thanksgiving along with a lot of peoples’ has evolved over the years. And Thanksgiving is not the same to me as a 35 year old as it did when I was 5. When I was 5, it very much meant getting out of school and getting to eat a LOT! However, as we get older, we realize what and who are important to us. I not only count my blessings at Thanksgiving, but daily. It is spending time with my girls, my brother and his family, arguing all day with my dad, hanging out with best friends, black Friday shopping, football games and ending the holiday weekend picking out our Christmas Tree.

    Thanksgiving is a time where I reflect on all the blessings in my life and what I am thankful for. I get to spend time with my “family.” To me, family means all the people I love; related or not. I will say, that I have kept it somewhat traditional; however. The family still gets together at some point around Thanksgiving Day. It’s usually almost never on Thanksgiving day, however. The women usually congregate in the kitchen (we can’t cook because my mom is bossy and won’t let us:), drinking, laughing and talking. While the men are usually outside frying a Turkey and watching all the football games that come on throughout the day with the exception of The Aggies vs. The Longhorns. All of the grandkids are running around inside, outside, doing cheers (we have all girls with the exception of one boy-poor Reed), dancing and playing on their iPhones.

    While the Rockwellesque, family Thanksgiving is slowly fading in modern society, what is important is the underlying theme. BLESSINGS! Time goes on, people change, and society evolves; however, we are still human. It doesn’t matter if we spend our Thanksgiving dinner at a football game, your best friend’s house, or your parent’s house; society as a whole still spends this special day with the ones we hold near and dear!  Our “family.” Happy Thanksgiving. May your days be sweet and filled with laughter!

    Cheers! Happiness! Laughter!

    Melissa Novosad, Realtor

    The Lester Group

    Keller Williams, Brazos Valley



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    4 Responses to “Welcome to 2015! Where has your typical Thanksgiving gone?”

    • Theresa Brooks

      Written on

      Aww Melissa, I loved this, it brought me back a few years myself. Life has evolved, and take it from me, it will only continue! Sometimes I don’t recognize my life AT ALL. I remind myself how good life really is though. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, and especially to The Lester Group!

    • Rudy Medina

      Written on

      I thought that was well written! I was a good friend of your sister! She was the sweetest person I’ve ever met! I will never forget her! Thanks for sharing those memories! Happy Thanksgiving!

      • Melissa Novosad

        Written on

        Thank you so much for your thoughtful response! Happy Holidays Rudy!

    • Rosie Reed

      Written on

      Melissa that was awesome! So true! Blessings on you and your team!!


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