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    Learn and Invest in TREPAC

    TREPAC is an acronym for Texas Real Estate Political Action Committee.

    A political action committee is an organization that raises money privately to influence elections or legislation at the federal level. Each major association or industry has a political action committee. Elected officials for these committees are lobbying each day to help change public policy, with every legislative or regulatory change comes a positive or negative affect on a consumer or specific industry.

    TREPAC provides a voice to help protect real estate professionals and individual property owners. This PAC mainly focuses on influencing public policy in order to protect consumers private property rights, the homebuyer, and the real estate licensee. It is a non profit organization that uses voluntary investments to support issues that affect property owners in Texas. By donating and investing in TREPAC you will be able to create an impact on the political process that will ensure your voice is heard in congress.

    The Lester Group is supporting TREPAC by participating in their local golf tournament today! Visit for more information about the political action committee and how to invest!


    Written by: Ross Bonilla

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