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    Buying vs. Renting for College Parents

    So it is now time for your child to move off to college. This time in every parents life is filled with joy, pride, sadness, stress, and uncertainty. One of the most expensive expenditures when sending your child to college is housing, but it doesn’t have to be! Parent have two options either renting or buying when sending a child to college. Below see some pros and cons for both.


    If you don’t have the ability to purchase and are considering renting here are a few things to consider. Does your son or daughter already have friends that would be potential roommates? If so, looking to rent the entire property with roommates is the most common type of rental property in Bryan/College Station. This gives you the security of knowing who your childs roommates will be and goes along way to insure a pleasant living experience for everyone involved. However if you don’t know of any potential roommates looking for housing by the room might be an option.